I’m Peter Molyneux.

I co-create community-led models of health and well-being.

As our experience of community and wellbeing undergoes enormous changes, these models help people live lives of greater connection, meaning, and empowerment.

I am the Chair of an NHS mental health and learning disabilities trust, the Chair of the London Mental Health and Employment Partnership and the founder of Common Cause Consulting, a research and design consultancy that brings organisations together to promote social, economic and emotional wellbeing.

I co-authored Housing on the Pathway to Recovery and have written articles for multiple outlets. I have developed and delivered programmes that change the narrative around mental health, build communities differently and create a culture of learning across organisational boundaries.

I am a Visiting Fellow at the John Madejski Centre for Reputation at Henley Business School and co-founder of the Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders’ Network.

As a coach, I work with boards to promote inclusive and diverse leadership cultures.

I live with my husband in Peckham, London.