A prevention revolution

On May 10, speaking at the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week, Jenny Edwards, the Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, called for a national prevention strategy. “We need,”she stated, “to tackle the causes that increase the risk of mental ill health and to equip people with practical tools that help prevent stress, anxiety and depression, and build resilience. We need a prevention revolution.”

Is this a role that housing, and in particular, housing associations, could play?

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Making creative use of the NHS estate

Given the financial pressure that Trusts are under. It is unsurprising that there would be an increasing interest in whether they can realise income from their surplus estate. The NHS has numerous sites. We all walk past them everyday. Of course, not all of them are available for use as many have already been leveraged against other schemes. However, it is worth asking how they best generate value and enable the public to receive the services they want.

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