How we help them

In 2013, one of our clients was about to be inspected by commissioners. It shouldn’t have been a problem. The challenge was that the commissioners were from the health sector, and our client worked in the housing sector. Both would benefit from working together. But each had a different approach to risk management. So we helped the housing organisation understand what the health commissioners would be looking for. And now they’re working in partnership, for the benefit of vulnerable people.

We use our experience of working in both housing and health so that both sectors benefit. We resolve cultural misunderstandings, so our clients can create sustainable, practical solutions and make integration a reality, rather than just another buzzword. We believe closer working between these two key sectors can have tangible, beneficial outcomes for thousands of people, whether they’re patients, carers or practitioners.

The legacy of our work might include a mental health development programme created by health and housing organisations, or a ten point adaptations checklist for housing associations that helps them make a tangible difference for their customers who have dementia.

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